The rabid right barks again

Funding for the same-sex marriage plebiscite has become an issue again for elements within the Coalition.

The usual gang of right wing malcontents lined up to have a shot at the PM.


In a dramatic intervention, former defence minister Kevin Andrews backed church leaders, rather than the Prime Minister, in a dispute over whether Mr Turnbull promised taxpayer support to run the campaign against same-sex marriage.

Mr Andrews said “The Prime Minister’s statements were clear that there would be a quantum of public funding for a yes and no campaign similar to a referendum.

That is what I expect.”

Cory Bernardi said “people will make up their own minds” about whether they believe Mr Turnbull or the church leaders.

“If a promise is made it has to be honoured,” he said. “We don’t want the plebiscite to be dominated by money wealthy individuals overseas.”

Eric Abetz, a former Senate leader, said: “I am sure that nobody, when we first discussed the plebiscite, thought there would not be equal public finding for both sides and that each side should receive $10 million to make its case.

The PM denies that he has made any such promise.

What do people like Tony Abbott, Eric Abetz, Cory Bernardi and  Kevin Andrews think they are doing when the loudest voices coming out of the Coalition of those advocating positions that are not only at odds with those of their party but also out of step with the mainstream view of the Australian electorate?

I  find Eric Abetz’s suggestion that Lyle Shelton of the Australian Christian Lobby and his ilk should be given $10 million to fund their campaign against same-sex marriage deeply repugnant.


The vast bulk of the Australian people realise we don’t need a  $160 million plebiscite to work out what the vast bulk of the Australian people think about same-sex marriage and we don’t need to spend $20 million to find out the arguments for and against.

We already know the arguments and we have made up our minds.

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