Malcolm Turnbull says he is listening to the people: But which people?

In announcing the decision to backflip on the superannuation, Malcolm Turnbull justified the decision by saying his government consulted and listen to the people.


 Malcolm Turnbull tries to work out who to listen to

But if he was listening to the people affected by this decision it’s a very small proportion of the population who are affected by a decision to reduce annual personal superannuation  contributions from $180,000 year. That is people who have an extra  $180,000 year to tip into superannuation.  Hardly “the people”.

So  “the people” that Turnbull has been listening to are probably his own backbench.

And if the shenanigans on television are any indication, probably just one backbencher. This man who represents Malcolm Turnbull’s slender grasp on power.


George Robert Christensen is the liberal member for Dawson when he threatens to cross the floor Turnbull is in deep trouble. Now here is a picture of George with some of his close political allies.


It’s difficult not to see many of the political issues that swirl around the Coalition as simply efforts to destabilise Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership.  Superannuation contributions and the gay marriage plebiscite being two of them.

But let’s take all this at face value and believe that he has been listening to “the people”  and this is not simply the right wing of his party causing mischief.

What, one may ask, has he heard from “the people” on the plebiscite for gay marriage?

Surely he has heard that “people” who  overwhelmingly support gay marriage would like to see Parliament legislate rather than have a plebiscite. But Turnbull doesn’t seem to have listened very closely to “the people” on this particular issue.

So who are the “people” that Turnbull was listening to on this particular issue.

Probably the same people he was listening to when he was listening on the issue of superannuation.

His own backbench.

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