Is George Christensen doing too much homework on the age of consent for anal sex

 The Age reports that: The Queensland Parliament passed legislation on Thursday that lowered the age of consent for anal sex from 18 to 16, in line with vaginal sex, while also removing the term “sodomy” from its criminal code.

In an interesting commentary on the Queensland parliaments legislation to bring Queenslandlaw into line with all of the legislation in Australia.

Previous to the legislation being passed, something that was illegal on one side of Dixon Street in Tweed Heads was legal across the road in Coolangatta.

But that aside, Queensland Liberal MP for Dawson George Christensen had some interesting insights:

“But we do know for a fact that there are old men out there who prey on younger men, groom them on the internet and seek to establish sexual relations with them, particularly when they are appear to be questioning their sexuality.

“… I think at 16 years old, when you are questioning your sexuality, when you are going online, when there are predators out there, particularly older men looking for younger boys, this change in the law is fraught with disaster.”


So where does George get all this information from?

George’s point was that a parent who found their 16 year old son was having sex  with a 50-year-old man could have gone to the police whereas as a parent who found their 16-year-old daughter was having sex with a 50-year-old man probably wouldn’t care and couldn’t go to the police. WTF?

If this is an example of the forensic logic that is soon to be brought to the debate on same-sex marriage, we are in for five months tedious obfuscation.

But at least it might give us some insights into some people’s internet viewing habits.

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