Letter to my grandson (xxviii)

Dear Winton

We went to the Aquatic Centre yesterday and as usual you had a ball.

dsc_0166Your dad took you on the waterslide again and I waited at the bottom. When you came out you were bawling your head off. What a disaster! Last time you enjoyed it so much. I reached down to pick you up but you would have none of it.

Strangely, your dad took you back up the waterslide. I didn’t think that was much of an idea, clearly you weren’t enjoying it. When you came down the result was exactly the same.

“He wants to come down on his own,” said your dad.

“Well,” I thought, “that explains everything.”

This time, you refused to be carried up two flights of stairs which slightly above knee height for you. I think you had worked out that the earlier you could get out of your dad’s grip the better your chance of getting into the water slide on your own.

“I’ll see if they will let him come down on his own,” said Simon.

“Fat chance of that,” I thought, “he’s only two.”

Anyhow, you came down the waterslide slightly ahead of your dad, grinning your head off. Mission accomplished. Probably one of the youngest kids ever to do the water slide on his own. Tick that one off.

Apparently, you had jumped into the water slide before your dad could sit down behind you and he had to scramble to catch up. Good thinking, kid.



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