Malcolm Turnbull loses marbles: Tries to link SA infrastructure damage to climate change targets

He hasn’t gone so far as to say that the climate change targets are directly responsible for the pylons falling down in South Australia but he is trying to make the link. In doing so, he is beginning to swing his support behind coal-fired electricity supply.

He will wriggle out using weasel words when challenged.

“I was just saying that they’ve been concentrating on renewable energy targets and not focusing on energy security, that’s all.”

You can substitute what you like for renewable energy targets.

It won’t be long before he will be linking the power blackouts to the same-sex marriage plebiscite. The logic is exactly the same.

“I was just saying that they’ve been concentrating on the same-sex marriage plebiscite and not focusing on energy security, that’s all.”

The Age reports that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has created a political storm over Australia’s renewable energy targets in the wake of Wednesday’s electricity blackout in South Australia.


There is no connection between this and renewable energy targets

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and South Australian crossbencher Nick Xenophon also used Wednesday’s blackout to question Australia’s move to renewables.

In a dazzling outburst of idiocy Joyce said on the ABC: “[Windpower] wasn’t working too well last night, because they had blackout,” he told the ABC.


 Barnaby Joyce has been told to wear a hat when he goes outside because sunlight will have an adverse affect on his brain cells.

 There is certainly an issue about the intermittent nature of the supply of renewable energy both wind and solar and there is an argument to suggest that there is a role for fossil fuel in ensuring the continuous nature of the supply.

 But it would appear that the argument in this case is whether Australia’s infrastructure for delivering power supply is adequate in place of the weather events that are going to be associated with climate change.

 The situation South Australia would suggest that it is not.

 Winding back the renewable energy targets is not going to improve the resilience of our  electricity delivery systems.

 Winding back to renewable energy targets is only going to maintain the profitability of the coal-fired power stations. Welcome back Tony Abbott.

 Australia is going to need a rational discussion about energy security. That discussion has not been helped by idiotic statements like the one from Barnaby Joyce and it is not helped by Turnbull either nor for that matter by master political opportunist Nick Xenophon.

Questions of renewable energy targets should not be confused with energy security and the viability of energy infrastructure.

 We probably need rules engagement for debates like this. There should be people who are banned from participating. On present form Nick Xenophon and Barnaby Joyce are at the top of the list for this particular discussion.


Nick Xenophon rides another issue

Pity the Prime Minister looks as if he shouldn’t take part either.

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