Aaron Smith’s “Shag in the bog” more interesting than an All Blacks test match

Like all New Zealanders, I love to see the All Blacks play and win. But it’s getting a bit monotonous. In the last 90 odd games, they’ve only lost six (think I missed those ones).

This season has been about as interesting as last season: All Blacks beat everybody.

Now, when Aaron Smith is caught having sex in a disabled toilet with a woman he appears to have met in the Christchurch airport,  a holy shit storm is developed. Adam Smith’s activities off the field now as interesting as those on the field.

Every news media in the world reports that: The All Blacks scrum-half, Aaron Smith, has issued a tearful apology for entering a disabled toilet at Christchurch airport with a female that has been condemned as embarrassing by New Zealand’s prime minister, John Key.

Smith, widely considered the game’s best player on current form, has been suspended for one match after entering a disabled bathroom at Christchurch airport with a woman described as a “female friend”.

Smith has been given the  “balloon with a pin” treatment by New Zealand PM John Key, “He has let the team down, he has let New Zealand rugby down, and worst of all, he has let himself down.”

There must be a worldwide media search for the young woman concerned to see if she was let down.

According to press reports Smith’s main crimes seem to have been

  •  He was wearing All Black uniform at the time
  •  The pair was occupying a disabled toilet during a busy time at the airport
  •  There was not an ounce of regret on Smith’s face after the “incident”
  •  Smith sat back down with his team mates and carried on smiling chatting like nothing had happened.

If media statements by Smith’s seemingly numerous aunties are in the indication of New Zealand’s popular opinion, the whole country appears to be behind him.



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