Media tide turns against Trump

This week on Media Watch Paul Barry asked : “Can the media trump Donald Trump?

Did the media make him and can they now break him? He’s challenged journalism and now the media is fighting back.”


Media Watch’s Paul Barry

It certainly looks like the media is going to give it its best shot:


Today in The Age:

Yahoo News: With just a little over a month until election day, Donald Trump has racked up zero major newspaper endorsements, a first for any major party nominee in American history.

While newspaper endorsements don’t necessarily change voters’ minds, this year’s barrage of anti-Trump endorsements could actually move the needle come November, experts say.

Trump’s vulgar sex comments caught on tape

A report on his taxes by The New York Timesbased on a leak of three vital pages from his 1995 tax filings,

Donald Trump and his long list of failings in business

US election 2016: Trump tells terminally ill to ‘get out and vote’

Mike Pence backtracks on Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims

Fox News presenters Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity clash publicly over Donald Trump

Earlier in the election cycle, Mr Trump publicly attacked Kelly’s integrity after she asked him a series of pointed questions in a primary debate, saying she was “off her game” and “overrated” and insinuating she was menstruating.

Donald Trump says US officials are ‘allowing illegal immigrants in so they can vote’

 And that’s just today.

Right-wing newspapers are shifting support to Clinton.

The Cincinnati Enquirer‘s editorial board broke from a nearly century-long tradition of backing Republicans to support Hillary Clinton,

The Dallas Morning News, which has endorsed every Republican nominee since 1940, was so appalled by the idea of a President Trump that it introduced its Clinton endorsement with this caveat: “We don’t come to this decision easily.

 The Atlantic, a bastion of journalism since 1857, doesn’t usually endorse presidential candidates … except when doomsday is near. Now the magazine is adding one more presidential candidate to that exclusive club: Hillary Clinton.
The Arizona Republic also endorsed Clinton, the first time the paper backed a Democrat since its founding in 1890.
Same for the San Diego Union-Tribune, which hadn’t endorsed a Democratic nominee in its 148-year history.
It’s an interesting development in the US presidential election and if Clinton were to win the question will be asked to what extent did the media play a major role in her election?

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