Bad week for the government of “grown-ups”.

For Christopher Pyne’s government of “grown-ups” it has been a week of jolly japes by a group of  very naughty little boys.


First there was Former federal assistant minister Wyatt Roy who was caught up in a frontline confrontation between Islamic State and Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iraq.

Twenty-six year old Roy was the youngest ever member of the House of Representatives when he entered the parliament in 2010, aged 20.

Foreign Minister Jukie Bishp said  “It is irresponsible for Wyatt Roy to travel to the front line of the conflict between ISIL and Kurdish forces in norther Iraq, in a region regarded as very high risk,” she said in her statement. He has placed himself at risk of physical harm and capture, and acted in defiance of government advice.”

untitled 4.jpeg

 Julie Bishop and Wyatt Roy: things have gone pear-shaped since the cuddles on swearing-in day

Then Victorian senator James Paterson received his first piece of serious media coverage with a suggestion that  Blue Poles had been a “great investment” for the Commonwealth but it was now time to “cash in”.


James Paterson – One of the Coalition government “grown-ups”

 There are some things that are so stupid it is almost impossible to explain why. Patterson’s suggestion to sell one of the National Gallery’s greatest acquisitions falls into this category.

Then, much closer to home for Pyne , one of his staffers, Jack Walker,  was one of the Australian idiots who became famous the Budgie Nine.


Walker tendered his resignation to the Defence Industry Minister on Saturday, shortly after returning to Australia.    ‘‘Jack Walker has today offered me his resignation and I have accepted it,’’ Mr Pyne said. ‘‘Jack indicated to me his deep regret for causing any embarrassment to the government and apologised.”

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