The problem with Donald Trump is much more than just Donald Trump.

This weekend all Trump haters have been regaled and heartened by press reports of Robert De Niro’s attacks on presidential candidate.

Robert De Niro has delivered a scathing attack on Donald Trump in a new video, saying he would “like to punch him in the face”.


“He’s so blatantly stupid. He’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig, he’s a con, a bullshit artist,” the Hollywood legend says.

Trump haters have also been heartened by the release of a video showing him speaking of women in vulgar sexual terms.

Hillary-Clinton1.jpg He said what?

Many are predicting it will be the death knell for his candidature with senior Republicans abandoning him in droves.

As the presidential election grows closer, the attacks on Trump and particularly his attitude towards women have reached a crescendo.  This follows hard on the heels of revelations that Trump probably paid no tax for nearly two decades.

It’s likely that the tide has now turned against Donald J Trump. But questions need to be asked about whether it is turning for the right reasons.

So it’s interesting to ponder why this as happened.

In attacking Trump, the American media is mainly focused on why people who weren’t going to vote for him aren’t going to vote for him.

He is sexist, a con artist, a crook, a tax evader, a sexual predator as well as being rude crude and unattractive. All good reasons why you wouldn’t invite him round for dinner.


All of this plays to the prejudices of people who are not going to vote for him.  It does not address the issues of why people will vote for him.

The aim of the campaign against Trump is to make him so morally repugnant that supporting him becomes impossible for decent people.

The attacks on Trump are based on the premise if enough decent Republican voters are sufficiently appalled by these revelations, they will either not vote at all or vote for Clinton.

But there is also a significantly large group of people who appear to be undeterred by the man’s moral character.  These are the people who see past the character issues to what they mistakenly imagine Trump stands for: making America great again, being the champion of those have been left behind with the stagnation of American manufacturing, curbing immigration, taking a strong stance against Muslims etc etc.


The campaign against Trump looks to be increasingly based on his moral failings. It does not address the deep-seated disillusion and disengagement of the people who, despite all his failings, will vote for him on Tuesday, November 8.

If Hillary Clinton is elected,  a large proportion of the American population will feel that their candidate was destroyed by the political and media establishment.  This will only deepen their sense of alienation.

Eventually, this group of voters will find a champion. This champion will be smarter,   better funded, more politically savvy, more acceptable than Trump and infinitely more dangerous.



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