One Nation senator Brian Burston transmits from political Lala land

The Age One Nation reports that senator Brian Burston wants to get rid of the ABC in favour of more patriotic broadcasting, which presumably would mean having him on television more often. Subscriptions to Netflix would surge.


Pauline Hanson, Brian Burston and Malcolm Roberts: Patriots all.

A new “Patriotic Broadcasting Corporation” could better represent the identity of mainstream Australians and fight bias within the ABC, new One Nation senator Brian Burston said on Tuesday.

Using his first speech to attack Australia’s immigration policy and blame violent crime on “aggressive multiculturalism”, the former local councillor and newly elected NSW senator called for an overhaul of the ABC and SBS with a new channel created to present news and current affairs from the perspective of “the historic Australian nation”. He also praised aspects of the old White Australia policy and claimed that discrimination helped preserve domestic peace.

Senator Burston said the country was “being swamped” by immigrants and praised elements of the racist White Australia Policy, introduced at federation and abolished in the 1960s.

Burton claims “All three broadcasters are biased against mainstream Australia. They distort Australian political culture and support aggressive political multiculturalism.”

This is arrant nonsense particularly because the implication is that a “biased against mainstream Australia” means biased against One Nation.

The more dangerous aspect of what Burton is saying is that it implies that patriotism  (read Australian values) are currently represented, presumably exclusively, by One Nation and its policies.

He also presents the highly simplistic view that Muslim  immigration is responsible for “Car-jackings, home invasions, flash riots, drive-by shootings and of course when citizens object, endless complaints under Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, administered by the ethnocentric Human Rights Commission.”

It’s the old Pauline Hanson approach: Simple answers to complex problems.

It’s very easy for politicians to latch onto certain crime statistics, particularly when they are given some prominent in the media. And it’s equally easy to crowd out the more moderate voices that endeavoured to put the crimes statistics in some perspective.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton told 774 ABC Melbourne highlighted an increase youth-centred property crime but did not associate this with any ethnic group. What he did highlight was the growing problem of recidivism, possibly a result of the hardline incarceration policies of the previous Liberal government, and the increasing use of the drug ice.

The causes of rising crime rates are complex and varied and solutions must also be similarly complex and varied. The causes are more likely to be socio-economic disadvantage and drug use rather than ethnic origin. The fact that certain ethnic groups suffer economic disadvantage does not, per se, mean that these ethnic groups are predisposed towards criminal activities. To suggest so, is stupidity and stupidity that stands in the way of finding useful and effective solutions.


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