Kelly O’Dwyer forgets to vote, drops the ball big-time

The Turnbull government has suffered a second embarrassing failure in Parliament, effectively voting to call on itself to explain its own failures on multinational tax avoidance.

Labor said the mistake is unprecedented in the federal Parliament, the first time a second reading amendment has passed the House of Representatives and leaving uncertainty about how the government could unwind its position.


Kelly O’Dwyer was left in charge while the grown-ups had something better to do.

Mr Burke said the mistake made the Coalition the first federal government in Australian history to vote against itself.

As was the case when the government lost a vote because Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, Justice Minister Michael Keenan and Social Services Minister Christian Porter had given themselves an early mark and gone home early, the same person wound up doing the explaining.


Leader of the House of Grown-up people, Christopher Pyne, blamed the mistake on “an inadvertent error. I would make the point that there are several owners of this error and I am not going to criticise them individually, because it is wrong to criticise the people who work for us, the people who were sitting in the chair . . .There was a series of events that led to this outcome and it is a pity,” he said.

It’s no big deal really, is just a stuff up.  But after a while, a series of events becomes a pattern and slowly but surely you have Government by Stuff-Ups.

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