Humanitarian crisis continues in Europe

The Guardian Weekly (14.10.16) reports: More than 10,000 refugees bound for Italy were rescued in the Mediterranean over a 48-hour period last week in a series of more than 70 operations led by the Italian coastguard and navy.
 It was reported that
 28 bodies had been recovered.


The most recent rescue mission, in which 4,655 migrants were brought to safety, took place in the Strait of Sicily. Earlier in the week 6,055 people were rescued north of Libya.

Austria, France and Switzerland have essentially closed off their borders to new migrants, creating political tensions. Previously, most people landing in Italy chose to travel north, often with Germany as a final destination.

Is this huge migration continues, is becoming increasingly clear that political systems and  the political will will to deal with the problem does not exist.

So just what are The Italian authorities to do with an extra 10,000 refugees?

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