Tony Abbott is half right and completely wrong about Donald Trump

Tony Abbott has defended Donald Trump and taken a swipe at Hillary Clinton, saying the Republican nominee’s positions are “reasonable enough” and his supporters are “not deplorables” but voters simply seeking change in America.

“The tapes that have been playing over the last few days are gross, gross beyond belief and I think they are completely indefensible,” Mr Abbott told right-wing Sky News commentator Paul Murray on Thursday night.

But Mr Abbott defended Mr Trump’s policies, which include building a wall between Mexico and the United States to repel migrants, as reasonable.

“Many of the Trump positions are reasonable enough,” he said.


Mr Abbott’s defence of Mr Trump will be interpreted by his colleagues as another attempt to reach out to far-right voters

Why is he half right?

Because worst mistake that the media, the  political class and the liberal electoral demographic can make is to confuse Donald Trump with the people who will vote for him. Another has been written about the man now to consigned him to the rubbish bin of political history. He is unlikely to be recycled.

However, much of what he said has resonated with significant proportion of the American electorate primarily working class, midwest, poorly educated and economically disadvantaged. This group of people and their grievances will not disappear with the disappearance of Donald Trump. Associating these people with the candidate is a huge mistake because it means that the political elite in particular will fail to recognise and address the validity of their concerns.

Why is he completely wrong?

Firstly because many of’ Trump’s policies will be an unmitigated disaster, not just for Americans but for many of the citizens of the world.

Secondly because the election of Donald Trump to the presidency would be, for him, a vindication of everything he has ever said and done and we could expect a continuation of many of his most deplorable behaviours.


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull could not resist to dig ”  I’m sure Mr Abbott has carefully read all of Donald Trump’s policies before he made that comment,” he told 3AW radio’s Neil Mitchell.”


Malcolm Turnbull appears determined to turn a blind eye to all of Tony Abbott’s antics

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