UN envoy warns ‘cruel’ bombing could wipe out Aleppo siege area by Christmas

The whole of rebel-held eastern Aleppo could be destroyed by Christmas if the “cruel, constant” Russian- backed bombing of the Syrian city continues, the UN special envoy for Syria has warned.


“The bottom line is in a maxi- mum of two months, two and a half months, the city of eastern Aleppo at this rate may be totally destroyed, and thousands of Syrian civilians, not terrorists, will be killed, many wounded and thousands will be refu- gees seeking to escape,” he said. “The writing on the wall is if this continues to be the pattern, at this rate this cruel, constant use of military activities, bombing, fighting, destruction will continue.”

So what is the solution?

Arming the rebel groups was highly effective ground-to-air were would be a really good step forward. If significant casualties were to be inflicted on the Syrian and Russian forces, currently bombing with impunity, it might slow the rate of air strikes.


The FIM-92 Stinger was used to great effect against the Soviets in Afghanistan 

Apparently the objection to this idea is that the rebel groups would potentially use the missiles to attack civilian aircraft in a bid to extract concessions for their particular cause.

The answer to this is quite simple.

Commercial Airlines should be banned from flying over the war zone and if they decide to then they need to make it quite true passengers what the risks are.

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