Time for the bitter old men to go

Kevin Rudd’s return to the labour leadership was an electoral disaster. Now Tony Abbott appears determined to emulate him.


Tony Abbott and Eric Abetz appear to have declared war on leadership of the Liberal government clearly in the hope that they can destabilise Malcolm Turnbull enough to reinstall Tony Abbott as Prime Minister.  Tony Abbott was an electoral disaster waiting to happen when he was deposed. What makes him or Abetz think that the Australian electorate will feel any differently about Toxic Tony now.

Jacqueline Maley writing in The Age “It’s on: Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott are having a Rudd-Gillard moment”

Plus reports that:”Tony Abbott ally Eric Abetz critical of Malcolm Turnbull over industrial relations”


Politicians have used by date. The pity is that some don’t realise when it’s come.

A good golden rule for deciding when this time has come is when you are doing more damage to your party than the opposition.

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