Not a “moral victory”, Tony. It was a large-scale, public, right-royal bollocking

Tony Abbott is claiming victory on his Liberal Party reform push despite his defeat on the floor of the NSW state conference, and denies he and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull are at loggerheads over the issue.


Tony Abbott: sour onions

Party delegates on Saturday unanimously agreed to a proposal put forward by Mr Turnbull in conjunction with NSW Premier Mike Baird for a special party reform convention, to be held in the first half of next year.

It is unfortunately typical of politics today that politicians make statements that fly in the face of the established facts.

The issue here was not of national importance. But it was a test of the relative popularity of the two men at the New South Wales state conference. Malcolm Turnbull must be considering exercising his bragging rights on this one.

It was all weekend sore losers. The All Blacks defeated the Wallabies in the rugby at Eden Park. They won 37 -10, having won the two previous tests 42-8 and 29-9.  The Wallabies haven’t won at Eden Park for 30 years which means that most members of the team have never seen or heard of an Australian victory there.

Wallaby coach Michael Cheika blamed the referee, although in fairness he did admit the Australians missed a lot of chances. Both he and the Wallaby captain seemed to suggest that the disallowed try when their team  was trailing 15-10 would have made all the difference.

Pure speculation.

So here’s another one.

Imagine coming out onto the field of Eden park facing an All Black team with a 30 year record of victories on the ground and world record for consecutive victories at stake with the scores level.

The problem with this kind of thinking and the “moral victory” thinking is that you never actually start thinking about what you lost. It is always someone else’s fault and if we just get lucky with the refereeing  (vote counting) we will win.

Sound familiar?

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