AABA trying to make a comeback

The AABA Group (Abbott, Abetz, Bernardi and Andrews) are struggling to make a comeback. Most of the songs they are now singing are hopelessly out of date. But that won’t deter them from keeping trying.


Malcolm Turnbull will surely go. It’s only a matter of when.  His slow demise will be death by 1000 polls, with AABA providing the background music.

The scenario will run like this:

Turnbull will be continually undermined and sabotaged by the AABA group. Their tactics became clear this week. Attack at every opportunity regardless of its relevance, deprive the government of oxygen by running constant interference.

And if the issue of same-sex marriage comes before the Parliament, they will have a field day

If the polls continue as they have been for the last month or so, AABA will have plenty of ammunition.

Latest Newspoll shows Labor has retained a lead over the Coalition, with 52 per cent two-party preferred support compared with the Coalition’s 48 per cent.

It also showed Mr Turnbull’s support is below Mr Abbott’s final approval rating of 30 per cent in September 2015.

Monday’s Morgan poll showed the Coalition’s two-party preferred support at 45 percent, behind Labor on 55 per cent.

However successful the AABA group may be an undermining Turnbull, they will fail at their ultimate objective of reinstalling Abbott as Prime Minister.

The political hardheads in the Liberal party will realise that reinstalling Tony Abbott will be the kiss of death to their 2020 chances.  And there are enough people with lofty ambitions to reinforce the message, all  carrying a Field Marshall’s baton in their backpack.

Bu when you look at the available talent, its slim pickings.


Mind you,  someone must have thought that this bloke was a chance.




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