Joe “The age of entitlement is over” Hockey is on $450k a year and can’t afford a babysitter.

Australia’s ambassador Joe “The age of entitlement is over” Hockey is collecting an estimated $360,000 salary as  ambassador – and also double-dipping into his $90,000-a-year pension.

As treasurer, Mr Hockey railed against women who “double dip” by claiming both workplace and taxpayer-funded paid parental leave schemes.


  Joe Hockey: “You bewdy, a salary and pension. Who cares if I did get sacked.”

The Age reports that Mr Hockey billed taxpayers almost $2500 for child minding during the five months in his new role.

Joe was always very good at dipping into the public purse. He was charging the taxpayer $274 a night  to live in a Canberra house his wife owned.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that Hockey travelled with his family interstate during school holidays in April 2013, costing taxpayers $8000 in airfares.

Plus les choses changent leur seront ce faire la même chose



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