It’s a funny thing about hotels

They say that first impressions count and it certainly true when it comes to checking into a hotel. We’ve just checked into the Cumberland at Lorne and the first impressions were not good. It’s just minor details: faded paint, broken tiles, leaking pipe in the bathroom, lift doesn’t seem to work, glacial Internet speeds.

It’s minor stuff really. It is very similar to experiences I had when I was teaching postgrad courses at Monash. If things go badly wrong on the the first day, you use up all the good will in the class and from then on every little stuff-up is amplified.

And it is the same with hotels. If the first experiences of the guests are not positive, then everything else is interpreted in the light of those experiences.

Case in point: the instructions on the benchtop elements are the wrong way round. Off is actually on and on is actually off. But because everything round is so slow when you wait 15 minutes to boil an egg and then find that the element doesn’t seem to be working, you think it’s just the norm here. nothing really works properly.

But no, the instructions for the bench top are wrong. Normally, this should not send you into a state of homicidal rage. But heck, we are are on holiday.

In fact, it’s not bad. It’s comfortable, well laid out, if somewhat dated. The decor is charming 1980s OP Shop.


By Monday, when the leaking pipe in the bathroom is fixed, everything will be peaches.

But then, this blog has taken me 45 minutes to write because of the Internet speeds. On the other hand, it helps me stay angry and gives me the patience to write.

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