One Nation senator Rod Culleton sets the record straight

At a press conference, soon to be de-elected One Nation senator Rod Culleton explained what all the fuss is about.


Rod CulletonMay have a career as a stand-up after politics

Here is  a list of the best of his quotes from  his press conference as published in The Age

  1. “On Saturday, which was the weekend.” – Senator Culleton leaves voters in no doubt as to the timeline of events.
  2. “I’m not sure whether I’m gonna participate in any High Court jurisdiction and if I do I’ll simply go down, shear a sheep and take the belly fleece and stick it over my head and represent myself, because I’m a true Australian standing up for the Australian people.” – Senator Culleton gives the scoop on his legal strategy.
  3. “At all material times I was innocent.” – Senator Culleton on a court case in which he actually pleaded guilty.
  4. “Just because I turn around and say that I took a key, it’s no different to taking a scone off someone’s plate.” – Senator Culleton compares a larceny charge with the habits of a hungry child at a CWA luncheon.
  5. “I could have had four glasses of wine at the time I was nominating and thought I would fill out the form and be free and easy, I don’t know.” – Senator Culleton on the crucial question of whether he nominated to stand for Parliament knowing he was not allowed to.
  6. “Someone probably not as good as me.” – Senator Culleton’s assessment of who might replace him if he’s thrown out.

If he is thrown out of the Senate and One Nation is allowed to send their next best candidate it will either be his wife or his brother-in-law.

Our democracy at work.

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