Porkies, pork barrels and dubious investments

Education Minister Simon Birmingham appears to have misled Parliament about his knowledge of Bob Day’s role in a vocational training school received an exceptionally generous grant from the Federal government.


Bob Day and Simon Birmingham at North East Vocational.

The allocation to North East Vocational equates to $90,000 for each of the 20 apprentices taking part in the pilot, compared with the $3000 per year it costs at TAFE to educate an apprentice.

The grant doubled the annual income of North East Vocational overnight.

Mr Day had originally asked for $1.4 million for the pilot but the grant received from government was almost $500,000 more than his request.

This is bad news for the government on a number of count

1     It looks as if Birmingham may have misled Parliament.

2.   It looks as if the Coalition was offering inducements to Senator Day and the assumption will be was for his support in the Senate.

3.  The grant was suspiciously large and generous.

4   But worst of all, it looks like being a particularly bad investment because Day been forced to leave the Senate because of some dodgy financial shenanigans.

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