Yippee, more bigger better freeways

Major upgrades are in full swing as part of the CityLink Tulla Widening project. These improvements will bring wide ranging benefits to all drivers – getting you home safer and sooner. Although delays are unavoidable for a project of this size, we’re working hard to minimise any inconvenience. So thanks for sticking with us – your cooperation will help us complete the upgrades on time.


So here is what the dynamics of building or increasing the capacity of freeways actually does:freeway-congestion

Building freeways, particularly to the outer-urban areas, increases the ease of access to these areas and consequently people move there to live.  These new developments often have no significant infrastructure, particularly in terms of public transport.

New housing development in the outer Melbourne suburb of Craigieburn. Generic urban sprawl, urban development, new housing estate, outer suburbs, housing developments, urban fringe, rooftops, green wedge, rural fringe, city planning, commuter suburbs. Picture by PAUL ROVERE / THE AGE. 31 March 2011. NEWS

The people  who moved to these outer-new developments use the freeways to get to work and to access sporting and recreation facilities and this increases the congestion on the freeways, so we widened freeways.

This causal loop diagram explains the dynamics.


It’s a vicious cycle, you just get more of everything.

How to read a Causal Loop Diagram (CLD)

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