The real face of One Nation

When you see them sitting in the Senate they look like any other group of politicians, (not necessarily a compliment). So here’s the current One Nation contingent before the wheels started falling off with Senator Malcolm (77 votes) Roberts showing that he can put his thumb and forefinger together.


And here is the leader, Pauline Hanson, with part of her constituency the right wing Fascist group, Reclaim Australia.

hanson-rca2 nauru-guards-pauline-hanson

And here are some of the people who vote for Pauline Hanson and whose views she represents.

And this is Bruce (not his real name) who couldn’t remember what to say so he wrote it on his T-shirt.


Her supporters are a  potent mixture of misplaced national pride, xenophobia, ignorance and a fear of change.

Protesters Rally Against Alleged 'Islamisation' Of Australia

However, there are other voices to be heard and they were this weekend in Eltham.


See also #welcometoeltham #refugeesRwelcome #gothefeisties

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