Transmissions from political La La land

Senator Rod Culleton likens himself to Mohammed Ali and Jesus Christ


Rod Culleton in full cry

“I’ll do the Muhammad Ali, I’ll go out and hopefully take it out in the eighth round today.”


Muhammad Ali: the similarities are obvious

“I do not claim ever to be a perfect man. Amongst imperfection, there was only one perfect man who walked this earth and we remember that they lauded him one week and then brutally crucified him the next,” Culleton said, invoking the Jesus crucifixion and resurrection story.

Liberal MP Craig Kelly links rising power costs, renewable energy to the number of children drowning in Australia claiming that the rising costs are making swimming lessons too expensive.


George Christensen and Craig Kelly to the heavyweight intellects of the Parliament

Senator Malcolm (77 votes) Roberts writes that the CSIRO “relies on unscientific Australian and overseas manipulations of data that have fabricated warming temperatures”.


Senator Malcolm (77 votes) Roberts outlines his understanding of climate change


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