Advice to American investors: buy Humble Pie Maker shares

The expected meltdown of the American stock market appears not to have happened. However, there will be lucrative opportunities for the savvy investor.

Following the election of Donald Trump, there will be a massive consumption of humble pie, particularly on the east and west seaboard States of America where contempt and vilification for the President-Elect was greatest.


 Demand for humble pie is expected to skyrocket in the US

Beef producers will surge.

Stock market insiders also expect that McDonald’s will produce a Humble Burger made from Trump steaks and meat platters like this will become plat de jour in Midwestern steak houses will


The other hot tip is a small bottling company that produces moonshine entitled “Dose of reality”.


 Shots of Dose of Reality will become compulsory rounds at all Friday night drinks for media outlets and the Democratic party for at least the next four years.

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