Perhaps Australia is two different countries

We have seen much in the press about divide in the US and its manifestation of the results of the presidential election. Only yesterday, I published a post pointing out how parallels could not be drawn between Australia and the US.

Perhaps I was wrong.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has taken to railing against the “elite media”. By that he means anyone who disagrees with him, the ABC and Fairfax.

 So here is some interesting data on the most read articles published by Fairfax today.


Sydney Melbourne and Canberra all appear interested in developments from the US election, the dangers of technology, outrage on the roads and a little bit of Underbelly. rather typical of the elitist, Chardonnay-sipping, inner-city, Green-voting trendoids.

By contrast, the Wild West and the Deep North have quite different interests.


The most popular items are far more local and, dare I say, more trivial in focus.  The  headline for the article on the crayfish had me thinking for a moment that the diver had caught a 3 kg stonka and a crayfish, presumably at the same time. So I looked at the article to find out what a stonka was.


Perth crayfisher Darren Douché with his ‘stonka’ of a catch.

In doing so,  I saw a picture of another crayfish next to a can of “bush chook”.


Another fisherman caught this big cray – with a can of bush chook for comparison.

 Do they speak a different language in WA or do I need to get out more.


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