Is Malcolm Turnbull getting dumber as he slides to the right?

One of the things that Malcolm Turnbull believes about himself is that he is the smartest guy in the room. Probably not always the case but when it comes to  the Liberal party room, he probably is.

But it appears that, in gradually assuming and owning Tony Abbott’s policies and attitudes, he appears to be getting dumber.

His attacks on the “elite media” appeared to be an attempt to channel Donald Trump. And that is going to be a retrograde step, IQ-wise.

Interviewed by Leigh Sales on 7.30, Turnbull complained that “The ABC and “elite media” are to blame for distracting people from the government’s focus on economic growth, and was at pains to emphasise that he is in touch with the concerns of real people.


Malcolm Turnbull keeps in touch from the balcony of his $50m Piper Point mansion

Sales pressed him observing that Coalition MPs were spending a lot of time on the issue of Section 18C and asking why it got so much attention when voters have more pressing concerns such as medical expenses, suicide rates and childcare costs.

“Leigh, this is a question you should address to your editors at the ABC – very seriously. 18C is talked about constantly on the ABC, talked about constantly in what’s often the elite media. I have focused overwhelmingly on the economy,” he said.

To begin with, it is completely understandable that a media organisation, such as the ABC, would be concerned about changes to legislation that affects their core business.

Turnbull’s argument seems to be that it’s the elite media that is responsible for people not appreciating his achievements.

This is a dumb thing to say on the ABC.

If you want to attack the elite media, then don’t do it  while appearing on the elite media. As a general rule, it’s intelligent people who watch the elite media and programs such as 7.30. They are also likely to think that such arguments are downright stupid.

At pains to emphasise that he is in touch with the concerns of real people and to make his  disgruntlement with the ABC clearer, he added “Again, I often get criticised or sent up – on the elite media like the ABC – for catching public transport a lot.”


Riding on public transport during off-peak times is another way of keeping in touch.

He also criticised “elite media” for focussing on his poor polling. This from a man who made Tony Abbott’s poor polling the reason for rolling him.

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

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