Another transmission from Political Lalaland

The cracks are beginning to show in the One Nation Parliamentary team.

The Age reports: A further sign of the deteriorating relationship between the two One Nation senators, they cannot even agree on who failed to show up to last night’s rendezvous.

Now, you have to feel sorry for Pauline Hanson having to deal with a serial nutcase like colleague Rodney Culleton.  However, one can only assume that she understood what he was getting when she let Culleton, his wife and his brother-in-law stand on the One Nation ticket in Western Australia.

The exchange between the two has been characterised by rapier-like repartee and intellectual standards would come to expect from this group.

Hanson: Excuse me, I’m party leader. I expect you to come to my office, right.

Culleton: She’s certainly not the boss of my office.


Humph and Double Humph

 I have always argued that the changes to the Senate voting process would produce a more  democratic Senate.  The problem is that the democratic process has a nasty habit of turning up people like Culleton.

 It’s not good for the proper government of the country for a party leader and the media to be preoccupied with the criminal activities and maniac activities of one of their representatives.

 But it’s great for the bloggers.


All is not well in the state of One Nation.

The relationship between leader Pauline Hanson and rogue West Australian senator Rod Culleton was already strained what with all those pesky constitutional questions surrounding Senator Culleton’s eligibility to be where he is.

Last night Queensland Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath asked police to investigate a letter allegedly sent by Senator Culleton to a Cairns magistrate asking for a matter before the court to be adjourned.

Senator Culleton is alleged to have attempted to pervert the course of justice or even threatened a judicial officer.

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