What happens when you elect a narcissistic, nepotistic neophyte to the US presidency


He considers appointing his diplomatically-inexperienced son-in-law as an envoy to establish peace in the Middle East.

He summons the editors of major newspapers and castigates them for not printing nice pictures of him.

He fails to understand, or chooses to ignore, the concept of conflict-of-interest.

He fails to understand that if the President pays no tax, then many Americans will feel they should not have to either.

He is unable to distinguish between being the star of a reality show and the complex nature of the task of being President.

He suggests to the British Government that they appoint a political fellow traveller as the British Ambassador to the US. Presumably he thought the appointment was 1) in his gift and 2) vacant.

He wakes up each morning and starts planning his next “look at me” moment.

He thinks most policy issues can be reduced to a Twitter post.

Now this is not an exhaustive list and many Americans will be able to add to it.

But the list does demonstrate the difficulties that will emerge with the Trump presidency when it is likely that the disorganisation of his transition will continue into is Presidency.

2 thoughts on “What happens when you elect a narcissistic, nepotistic neophyte to the US presidency

  1. Tim,
    my biggest concern with whole thing is that Italy already did a similar thing when they elected Burlesconi, but they never seemed to wake up to the fact. The kind of people who put Trump there in the first place are the same kind of people who will agree with him when he says that nepotism is fine, or that the country has been great since he took over, or that it’s someone else’s fault when anything bad happens. The difficulties mentioned in your last sentence will only be noticed by those willing to analyse the situation, which no Trump voters will be.

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