Will David Hamilton be remembered as a modern day Charles Lutwidge Dodgson?

The announcement of David Hamilton’s death and the circumstances surrounding it came as a shock to many people.

David Hamilton and Mona Kristensen

David Hamilton with muse and model Mona Kristensen

In life, David Hamilton divided public opinion. Many saw him as one of the great fashion photographers of the late 20th century. Others, a smaller group, had a less flattering view.

David Hamilton’s legacy will be forever tainted by the nature of his death. His suicide in Paris followed allegations by one of his young models, Flavie Flement, that he had raped and sexually abused a number of his young models.


Flavie Flement said the photographer’s apparent suicide left her devastated that justice would never be done

Naturally enough, this will prove grist to the mill for the  Hamilton haters.

We have an ambiguous relationship with artists who have dubious sexual reputations. Woody Allen is an excellent example.  While he has strenuously denied any allegations of impropriety, many people regard his relationship with his stepdaughter as slightly creepy.

He certainly  attracted a number of beautiful young muses, none of whom have ever said anything against him.  Well, except Mia Farrow and she was pretty vitriolic.


But in Allen’s case, as will be the situation in Hamilton’s case, the evidence of misconduct was circumstantial and debated.

One of the inherent difficulties in this type of situation is that the artistic achievements of the alleged perpetrator are often concatenated with the nature of the accusations.

Hamilton is likely to suffer the same fate as Alice in Wonderland creator Lewis Carroll.  There is a strong circumstantial case to be argued that Charles Dodgson (Carroll’s real name) was a pedophile.


Carroll with Alice Liddell (aged 7)

And it’s difficult to see much “artistic merit” in his photos of naked young girls.

However, it’s a pretty grey area as I argued in Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) a paedophile, a pornographer, or both ?

Hamilton’s legacy is likely to be overshadowed by the nature of his death and the allegations that immediately preceded it.

Hamilton created many of the iconic images of the 1960s and 70s.

bicycle 2Farm and doves

The innocent eroticism of Hamilton's early work

His bored and unhappy looking models got younger over time.

Bored and unhappy, Hamilton's models have also got younger

Perhaps, as time went by everybody was getting a bit jaded.

The sad thing about any discussion of David Hamilton’s artistic legacy will now be forever  tainted with a debate over whether or not he was a paedophile.

Was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) a paedophile, a pornographer, or both ?


2 thoughts on “Will David Hamilton be remembered as a modern day Charles Lutwidge Dodgson?

  1. Honestly I don’t know how anyone can doubt that Hamilton was a pedophile. I value his skill as a photographer but the innocence I used to feel at his photography (I never stopped to ponder the age of those models) is forever tainted with the knowledge of the young lives he’s ruined.

  2. Whether or not David Hamilton was a pædophile — and given his admission that he was inspired by “Lolita”, he probably was — the question we should be asking is: why were “artists” like him tolerated? He was taking creepy photos of young girls fifty years ago. Why did it take so long for people to realize that sexualizing people incapable of consenting to it is wrong, even if you claim they are “innocent muses” to art?

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