Barnaby Joyce ushers in post-rationality politics.

Barnaby Joyce vows LNP maverick George Christensen will become a cabinet minister


By the standards that brought Barnaby into cabinet, George Christensen would be a dead-set ringer to hold any of the most senior positions allocated to the LNP.

Just look at the photo. It screams are “Cabinet Minister.”


And George is just the kind of guy we need in cabinet.

  •  He is anti-Muslim immigration.
  •  He is a climate change sceptic of the most extreme kind.
  •  He is opposed to excise on tobacco.
  •  He is opposed to the Safe Schools program.
  •  He would like to abolish Australia’s foreign aid program.
  •  By his own admission is far to the right of colleagues in Parliament.

And he has tatts.

So why is he so important?

Because the Turnbull government has a one seat majority and George, although a member of the LNP government, frequently threatens to defect to the cross bench.


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