Staggering hypocrisy from Bronwyn Bishop

You would think that disgraced and  dis-endorsed former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop would have the grace to keep quiet about people rorting the system.


Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

But no, completely unrepentant and existing on an extremely generous parliamentary pension, which ironically includes travel benefits, she gets stuck into people suffering mental illness.

Huffington reports: Former MP Bronwyn Bishop, who was forced to resign as Speaker of the House of Representatives after using taxpayer funds to take expensive helicopter rides, claims “many” people with depression are “rorting” the welfare system, and are “drug addicts”.

She also famously billed the taxpayer $88,000 for a 15-day official visit to Europe in 2015, and nearly $43,000 for an 11-day trip to Asia.

Bishop gave her opinions on rorting in response to comments made by Tony Abbott, who said people with “a bit of depression” probably shouldn’t be on disability pensions. Abbott made the comments in a 2GB radio interview on Wednesday where he said, “We were far too ready to put people on the [disability support pension]”.



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