Turnbull government confirms Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are rising

Adam Morton writes in the SMH: But the country remains on track to “meet and beat” the less ambitious 2020 target of a 5 per cent cut in emissions compared to 2000 levels.

Don’t you just love the rhetoric! “Less Ambitious”. A 5% cut in emissions is woefully inadequate.

At a global level, we need to cut by 65%, if we are to get carbon emissions below the level of carbon absorption which is where we start improving the situation. Now clearly, this is not going to happen immediately as this graphic shows but it gives a perspective on the magnitude of the problem.


 Carbon emissions and absorption in gigatonne of carbon

 So, how is Australia going?

 Not well, by the government’s own figures.


 There are a number of things that we can now safely say.

The Government’ climate change and carbon abatement policies are not working.

 Things are actually getting worse.

 The targets are a joke.

 No one in the government seems to care.

 Certainly not this man.


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