The real problem with One Nation

The problem is they are just a bunch of untalented, unintelligent amateurs who lack the discipline and work ethic to manage and coordinate a political party that exercises considerable influence on the Australian political scene.

This is demonstrated in the current fiasco over Rod Culleton.


Shadow Attorney-General, Mark Dreyfus, explaining how to find the Senate chamber to Rod Culleton who had lost his way.

SMH reports: Besieged senator Rod Culleton has been declared bankrupt in a Federal Court hearing in Perth, jeopardising his position in the Senate.

The decision is the result of legal action brought against Senator Culleton by a creditor, former Wesfarmers director Peter Lester, seeking $280,000.

As Party leader, Pauline Hanson, should have known about Culleton’s problems before she put him on the ticket.


Clueless and really not capable if running a political party

But she didn’t.

Too busy rushing around the country bashing Muslims and duck-diving on the Great Barrier Reef to pay attention to details such as “Is this candidate legally qualified to stand for the Senate?”


Media reports indicate she is not happy with the fact that Culleton’s brother-in-law,  Peter Georgiou, is like to replace him if Culleton is forced to stand down.


But, to be fair to Pauline, she probably hasn’t met him yet. He was only number two on the One Nation Senate ticket in WA.

It’s like a soap opera.



Way back when: One Nation Members of the 1998 Queensland Parliament Ken Turner (State MP for Thuringowa) with Jeff Knuth (State MP for Burdekin) 

It is good for our democracy that parties like Pauline Hanson’s One Nation are able to represent and articulate  (I useful word advisedly) the views of minority sections of the community, no matter how repugnant many of us may find them.

The problem is that the people who try to represent these views are not good at the hard work of politics and that is bad for our democracy.

And another lot is on its way.


Pauline Hanson poses with the 36 One Nation candidates to stand at the next Queensland election

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