An unpredictable and petulant fourteen year-old will soon be in charge

The SMH asks: Could Donald Trump help unleash nuclear catastrophe with a single tweet?


Donald Trump’s alarming tweet about his desire to “greatly strengthen and expand” the “nuclear capability” of the US unleashed a frenzy of media efforts to try to divine his actual policy intentions. It forced some of his advisers into tortured claims that Trump didn’t say what he actually said, even as others simultaneously insisted that Trump did meaningfully put other countries on notice that if he deems them to be challenging our supremacy, they will face an arms race.

The problem is that he sees no need for restraint, like a 14 year old rushing to Twitter on the slightest impulse.

The problem is that the adults don’t actually know how to explain is bizarre and irrational behaviours because there is no explanation.

This administration will devolve into chaos within weeks and the problem is there is no mechanism for fixing this particular mess.

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