Letter to my grandson (xxxiv)

I know it is a cliché, but you were growing up before our very eyes. You are growing in your confidence and your mastery of the world around you.

This is probably one of my best photographs of you so far. It sums up all the joy and confidence that you have.


These are some photos of you in the Fitzroy Gardens a few weeks ago.  Your mum describes you as “fiercely independent” and you are undeterred by physical challenges.

You have an exuberant pleasure in open spaces which is a joy to watch.

You are also developing your relationship with dragons.

And a rather more ambivalent relationship with the cheese sandwich.


You and your Nana take the important things in life, such as building sandcastles, very seriously.

Your swimming is getting better and better. I come to your swimming lesson each Sunday morning and join in with you and your dad when it’s over. You can now swim under water for short distances between your dad and me. You surface looking so pleased with himself and it is wonderful to see your huge confidence in the water.

But then you have your dad, a great island from which you can launch your adventures.  I fulfil the role of backup island when required but my special task is getting you out of the pool and into the shower. We’re getting quite good at it, you and I, and you know that after a shower with Papa there is always something special, chocolate eggs and Freddo Frogs are top of the list at present.

I normally get a beautiful cuddle at the end of the swimming session when you sit on my knee and have your treats. You’re exhausted after your swim and snuggle into me and chomp your way happily through your chocolate.

And for all your high-energy activities you also have moments of reflection which are particularly beautiful.


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