David Leyonhjelm takes an early lead in the 2017 Race for Stupid

Pro-gun libertarian and NSW Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm Has criticised the AMA as not qualified to  participated in the debate on gun ownership, accusing the doctors of including errors and poor research in the position paper.

“It falls into the category of what the difference is between God and a doctor,” Senator Leyonhjelm said. “God doesn’t think he’s a doctor.”

The AMA has released a paper describing access to dangerous weapons as a continuing and serious public health concern.

The statement says a more restrictive definition of “genuine reasons” is needed for individuals to purchase firearms and calls for licences to be cancelled and weapons seized when registered owners fail to update their address or location of weapons.

It says gun licences should be refused to individuals who are subject to restraining orders or who have a conviction for firearms offences or violence within the past five years, and calls for a new ban on the manufacture and sale of 3D printed weapons.

The proposed real-time firearms licensing register would incorporate existing information, including the owner’s name and address, weapon type, action and calibre, serial numbers and compliance with storage requirements.

All of which seems pretty reasonable. But not to Leyonhjelm who maintained that doctors should not comment on gun control.

However, many of us would agree with the AMA that gun ownership is a question of public health and safety which in turn is a concern for the AMA.

Leyonhjelm clearly would not accept this argument believing that doctors are not qualified to comment on such matters whereas he is qualified to speak on almost everything and often in the manner.

Welcome to 2017. I’m sure there will be other leaders in the Race for Stupid during the year.  My money is on Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce to overtake Leyonhjelm.


But expect a tough competition.

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