The rorting continues: Sussan Ley kicks own goal

Parliamentarians rorting the  public purse is always going to get up the nose of the Australian electorate.
 Now, one of the better performers in the Turnbull government has shown that she also appears to have her nose in the trough.
 When the scandal surrounding Bronwyn Bishop’s egregious rorting of the system came to light, Ley made a point of explaining why she flew herself around her electorate (one of the largest in Australia).
So it is not as if the issue of taxpayer funded parliamentarian travel is something she’s unaware of.

ABC political reporter Stephanie AndersonSussan Ley bought $800k unit from LNP donor on taxpayer-funded trip.

The almost-$800,000 investment property Health Minister Sussan Ley bought while on a taxpayer-funded trip to the Gold Coast was purchased from a Liberal National Party donor.

Ms Ley purchased the property in May 2015 while travelling to Queensland on ministerial business, accompanied by her partner.

The full cost of their trip was $3,125 — paid for by taxpayers.

A spokesperson for Ms Ley said the purchase of the Surfers Paradise apartment “was not planned nor anticipated”.

And now   Health Minister Susan Ley’s partner owns a Gold Coast business close to where she purchased a unit while on a taxpayer funded trip.

What a happy impulse purchase this must have been and coincidently so close to work for her partner, Graham Johnston.

The difficulty lies in the way that rules have been set up around MPs travel entitlements.

A close examination of this particular incident will undoubtedly reveal that Susan Ley is acting within her entitlements. This was the reason that members of the Abbott cabinet tried to use taxpayer funds to attend Sophie Mirabella’s wedding.


 “What, pay for our own travel!”

A spokesman for Bronwyn Bishop said she was in Albury on parliamentary business.

“She was on official business, as the chair of the family and human services committee,” he said. The committee was holding an inquiry into work and family balance at the time, but did not hold any public hearings in Albury.

There is actually a very simple solution to the problem.

Parliamentarians need to state the amount of time they spent on official business and the amount of time they spent all personal business when applying for taxpayer funded expenses.

This will give you a very simple fraction for Parliamentary business. That’s the fraction of the official entitlement that they can claim.

Too simple? You betcha!

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