Same old, same old. Ley offers to pay inappropriate travel claims back.

Embattled Health Minister Sussan Ley has admitted she made an “error of judgment” by charging taxpayers for a trip to the Gold Coast in which she bought a $795,000 apartment and will repay the cost of four taxpayer-funded trips.

Ms Ley’s decision followed a conversation with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in which he said she had not met the standards he expects of ministers. 

“I apologise for the error of judgment.”

Haven’t we heard that somewhere before?

Every MP who gets caught rorting their travel expenses makes an error of judgement.  But in this case, this is one of the most senior ministers in the Turnbull government and she can’t get her travel expenses right and she should know better. All

But things get worse.

Health Minister Sussan Ley is facing fresh calls to resign after revelations she has taken 27 taxpayer-funded flights in and out of the Gold Coast over recent years, including over two consecutive years during the New Year’s Eve period.

Does that make 27 errors of judgement?

So she must have been visiting the Gold Coast every couple of months.

The question is: Why?


It’s question and answer time, Minister. But this time the glove is on someone else’s hand

She is a member for Farrer. That’s it in green.


It is in southern New South Wales on the border of Victoria. Quite a way from the Gold Coast where her partner has a business and she has a couple of investment properties.

Bronwyn Bishop set the benchmark for rorting travel expenses and destroyed the meagre political legacy she had left after a lifetime in Parliament.


You would think that Federal MPs would have learnt that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable. But it appears that this is not the case with the Minister of Health who must now prove that she is not a serial offender.

So now she is in hot water

Michael Gordon writes in The Age: Sussan Ley’s mea culpa for slugging the taxpayer for a work trip to the Gold Coast when she bought a Main Beach apartment just doesn’t cut it.

It is hopelessly inadequate, internally inconsistent, and will not be the end of the matter. The inconsistency is that Ms Ley describes herself as one who applies higher standards to herself than her parliamentary colleagues when it comes to using taxpayer funds.

Gordon adds: Should Ley’s position become untenable, there are two former health ministers in the wings.

One, Peter Dutton, is overdue for transfer from the immigration portfolio.


 Peter Dutton is clearly close to the Prime Minister

The other, Tony Abbott, is chafing at the bit to come off the bench.

tand a.jpg

 But then, so is Tony Abbott.

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