We should give Malcolm Turnbull a fair go in 2017

Throughout Malcolm Turnbull’s time as Prime Minister the media, both professional and social, has lambasted him over his failure to support the causes that he espoused before his ascent to high office: the Republic, same-sex marriage, climate change, renewable energy, reconciliation etc.


Much of this criticism was a result of the left-leaning media’s disappointment at the abandonment of their favourite causes by someone they regarded as their new champion.

All of this was as wrong as it was unfair.

In 2017, we must judge Malcolm Turnbull by a different set of standards.

It is time to stop seeing him as an enlightened Renaissance man committed to a social agenda that will improve social, political, economic and cultural conditions in Australia.

It is time to judge him for what he really is and probably always has been.

When push has come to shove, Turnbull has revealed his true political belief through the policy decisions as Prime Minister.

Turnbull. who was a late-in-life convert to Catholicism, is a right-wing religious conservative and political elitist who believes in the religious and political status quo and that the poor and the aged have no right to call on the wealthy elements of society to support them.


Malcolm at prayer

 We need to understand that Malcolm Turnbull believes that if you’re poor, then it’s your own fault. Certainly, you should not expect someone else to save you from the consequences of your inability to earn enough money to buy a house on Sydney Harbour, a house for each of your kids and negatively gear a couple of rental properties.


We should also expect and not be surprised by his support for big business against the interests of Australians as has been shown in the proposed Federal government subsidies for the Adani coal mine.




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