Bronwyn Bishop, travel rorts and the Blind Deer joke.

The Blind Deer is a joke about varying levels of stupidity.  It’s a sound joke, so you need to read it out loud.

Q: What do you call a blind deer?

A: No-eyed deer.

Q: What do you call a blind deer with no legs?

A: Still no-eyed deer.

Q: What do you call a blind deer with no legs and no balls?

A: Still f**king no-eyed deer.


 Bronwyn Bishop explains how much she has learnt from Choppergate and her misuse of taxpayers’ funds

Suspended Health Minister Susan Ley is embroiled in controversy around her use of parliamentary travelling entitlements.

So who should come rushing to her rescue but wrong membership Bronwyn Bishop, that universally discredited arbiter of judgement on the use of taxpayers money.


Choppergate: Speaker Bronwyn Bishop lands at the Geelong golf course all

Fergus Hunter writes in The Age: Socialism ‘on the march’ is to blame for Sussan Ley standing down over expenses controversy: Bronwyn Bishop.

You would think that after the ignominy of being dumped as Speaker and then failing to regain nomination in your electorate would have led Bronwyn Bishop to keep a low profile especially on matters such as to misuse of taxpayer funds.

But no! She is not keeping your head down. On the contrary, she is storming over the parapet straight into the crossfire of media scrutiny. Again.

So let’s examine the logic of Ms Bishop’s statement.

  1.  Socialists are bad, stupid and anti-business. This is an a priori statement.
  2.  Calls for Susan Ley’s resignation are baseless because they are made by bad, stupid and anti-business socialists .
  3. Susan Ley should continue on the front bench because she has done nothing wrong in her use of parliamentary travel entitlements.
  4.  It therefore follows that I did nothing wrong in my use of parliamentary travel entitlements.

It is really all Malcolm Turnbull needs on top of the Centrelink scandal and Christmas  break sniping of Tony Abbott and Cory Bernardi: one of the Coalition’s ex-ministers and ex-Speaker defending the indefensible.





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