Will the US presidency survive Donald PG Trump?

If it does, and it probably will, it will be in a greatly weakened form and disillusion with the US political system will have greatly increased.  A downward spiral has probably already begun even before his inauguration.


The content of the latest, breaking news is irrelevant but this is what is important is that it is being printed at all. And it’s getting coverage in the mainstream press.

Russia has evidence of ‘perverted acts’ committed by Donald Trump: unconfirmed reports

Russia cultivated Donald Trump for years before the 2016 election and holds compromising material on the President-elect’s involvement in “perverted sexual acts”, according to a series of explosive but unconfirmed memos made public today.

The memos, produced by a British intelligence operative, contain extensive details of efforts by Russia’s intelligence community, directed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, to sway the outcome of the US election.

The reports suggest that he hired prostitutes to perform a sex act commonly known as a “golden shower” on a bed where the Obamas had previously slept.

Now it doesn’t really doesn’t matter whether this is true or not.

The problem is that it is now becoming increasingly common for the Office of the President, or at least the soon-to-be inaugurated incumbent, to be subjected to this type of ridicule and that such scurrilous material can be reported without any self-censureship by the media.

Another problem is that it is unlikely that there will be any change in his behaviours when he is President. In fact, exactly the opposite is likely to occur.

He will probably see his election as an endorsement of his actions and attitudes of the past.  Or at least that people don’t care what he does

“Grab them by the pussy” will probably become the mantra in the back rooms and dark recesses of the White House.


The Trump women appear forewarned.

It is likely that the attacks from the left and liberal media will make the right-wing campaigns against Barrack Obama look mild by comparison.

Regardless of what you may think of the Trump presidency, the effect of this will be disastrous.

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