Another strong performance from Leyonhjelm in the 2017 Race for Stupid

A while ago, I commented that Pro-gun libertarian and NSW Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm had taken an early (January 3) lead in the 2017 Race for Stupid.


He’s going to be very hard beat having put in another very strong performance with comments he made about childcare workers on TV show The Project where he summarised the role of childcare workers as merely “wiping noses and stopping the kids from killing each other”.

He also argued that requiring qualifications for child care workers did no more than encourage them to demand higher wages.

Childcare workers and parents reacted with outrage, saying the New South Wales senator’s comments were a slap in the face to the “woefully undervalued” workers who provide education for children in their crucial early developmental years.

One of the best responses came from Sydney childcare worker Chloe Chant:

  • And, I wiped some noses.
  • And changed nappies.
  • And set up experiences.
  • And prepared lunches.
  • And mopped floors.
  • And mediated conflicts.
  • And attended staff meetings.
  • And managed resources.
  • And taught self help skills.
  • And helped children toilet training.
  • And was spewed on by babies.
  • And cleaned up vomit.
  • And raked the garden.
  • And helped multiple babies sleep.
  • And taught pre-literacy skills.
  • And expanded the vocabularies of the children.
  • And introduced the concept of nuclear fission.
  • And explained the fundamentals of DNA.
  • And explained where babies come from.
  • And described the purpose of the dendrites on nerve cells.
  • And I wiped more noses.

That was Wednesday.

The problem is that Leyonhjelm gets publicity through this type of stupidity and this encourages to him keep doing it. It also encourages the prejudices of people who are stupid enough to agree with him but who are also allowed to vote

Programs like The Project should not give him oxygen.

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