The election of Donald Trump represents the failure of American democracy.

As the world watches in fascinated horror the inauguration of a man who embodies almost everything that is abhorrent in American culture, the American public votes with its feet.


It seems that not even the people who voted for him could be bothered turning up.  Just the rest of them couldn’t be bothered turning up for the election.


When the two candidates for the office of President can each only attract roughly 25% of the popular vote, surely democracy has failed.

When the successful candidate is elected through a heavily gerrymandered system that leaves the electorate deeply dissatisfied, then surely democracy has failed.

Its failure is all the more deeply entrenched when there is no feasible way of finding a satisfactory resolution to the problem.

When the inauguration triggers protests were millions of women demonstrate against the President of the United States, surely we have a crisis of leadership in the Western world.


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