Is Monuments Men a genre parody?

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George Clooney has starred in a lot of good movies and has directed at least five including Monuments Men (Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Good Night, and Good Luck, and Leatherheads) so we can reasonably assume he knows what he’s doing.

His film spans a couple of genres and references many other films and TV programmes. Firstly it’s a war movie and secondly it’s in the “small group of apparent misfits doing great things through wartime “genre. The most recent example of this is Inglorious Basterds while there are many famous examples such as The Dirty Dozen and The Eagle has Landed. There is also a genre of “isn’t war funny” films and television series such as Hogan’s Heroes and Mash. Indeed, many critics has seen this film is a cross between Hogan’s Heroes and Ocean’s 11.

There’s also more than a sideways glance at Indiana Jones and…

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