Trump, Fake News, Weasel Words, and Malcolm Turnbull

Donald Trump is now claiming that reports of the telephone conversation with PM Malcolm Trumble, or was it Tumble, were fake news.


He is ducking and dodging. It’s called using weasel words. It’s not downright lying, it’s just shifting the truth around a little bit. Politicians are very good at it. Trump does it all the time so his opponents are always involved in endless arguments about what small proportion of the truth he is actually including in what he says.

Every now and then someone like Kellyanne Conway pulls an egregious stunt like the ‘Bowling Green massacre’ which is too ridiculous even in this post-truth age


But often this  it is more insidious.

And it’s made worse by the fact that the completely gutless Malcolm Turnbull won’t stand up and call a spade a spade. So he makes Donald Trump’s job much easier.


So Trump will be able to get away with this kind of bullshit for next four years.

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