Coalition smoke -screen over same sex marriage

Tensions within the government over same-sex marriage have erupted again after Fairfax Media revealed that moderate MPs are preparing a push for the Coalition to abandon its policy that a national plebiscite should be held before any vote in the Parliament.

A chorus of conservative MPs, led by disgraced ex-pM Tony Abbott, reacted angrily to the report on Saturday,  saying any move to allow a free vote on the issue would be a “betrayal” of the Coalition’s election commitments

“I’m sure he’ll honour that commitment. This isn’t about same-sex marriage, it’s about keeping faith with the people,” said the man who left a trail of broken election promises.


Suddenly, there is concern amongst Conservative government members with keeping faith with public. They’re not concerned about keeping faith with the public but are running a rearguard action against public opinion which is massively in support of same-sex marriage.

And they think that the electorate doesn’t see through this.

It’s time that the likes of Abetz, Kelly, Christiansen and Abbott got out of the way of mainstream popular opinion and let this legislation through parliament.



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