Is this the best way for the cross bench to work?

This is the good senator defending his position in The Age: ‘‘The minor parties are growing exponentially because people have lost faith in the major parties. I want to give them a viable, a credible and a principled alternative in which they can vote,’’ he said.

The South Australian received just 2043 first preference votes as the second candidate on the Liberal Party ticket at the 2016 election, or 0.025 per cent of a quota.

In comparison, the Liberal Party received 345,767 votes, underscoring the point made by angry Liberals that the vast majority of voters cast their preference for a party, not an individual in the Senate.”


Cory Bernardi wants to lead a new conservative party with no money and no political support

The rules of the Federal political system allow Bernardi to resign from the Liberal party and still maintain his seat in Parliament.

 So what he has done is taken advantage of the  electoral and financial support of the Liberal party to win his seat in the last election where he was placed second on the Liberal party Senate ticket which means he was effectively elected on the donkey vote.

Now he’s suddenly and conveniently decided he doesn’t support the Liberal party but has decided, also suddenly and conveniently that he wishes to continue with his $180,000 taxpayer funded position in the Senate and his extremely generous electoral allowances, his extremely generous travel allowances and study allowances and his exceptionally generous taxpayer funded superannuation scheme when not re-elected in five and a half years.

 What he has not decided to do is to resign from Parliament, saying “I no longer support the party that funded my election so I am resigning my seat in the Senate for someone who does.”

 If this does not redefine hypocritical self-interest, I would like someone to tell me what does.

 There are only 2043 people who wanted Cory Bernardi in Parliament, there were 345,767 who voted for the Liberal party in the Senate and second preferences for Benoni in.

His first preferences were just his friends, family and distant relations. He doesn’t have massive public support, he won’t be re-elected as an independent. In fact, there are probably 343, 724, (that’s 345,767 – 2043) who would really like to see him out of the Senate.

He knows he is safe for another five and a half years and that’s a long time in politics.



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