Another bad poll for Turnbull, Hanson states her case for top job

The first Newspoll of 2017 has the government trailing Labor 46-54% on the two-party vote and the Coalition’s primary vote falling four points to 35%.


This is the seventh consecutive Newspoll with the ALP ahead and the worst for the Coalition under Malcolm Turnbull’s prime ministership.


There must be people in the Coalition who are seriously worried that they have no reasonable options in the face of this decline in the political fortunes.

Certainly, there was no one in the lunatic right of the party who would have any electoral appeal. Perhaps the hardheads of the centre are grooming someone.

Pauline Hanson whose One Nation is polling 8% nationally said said it would be a “privilege and honour” if ever she were to become prime minister.


Her blueprint for Australia would include forcing newlyweds to have pre-nuptial agreements and changes to the tax system. She would also cut the number of politicians, limit migration, introduce an Australian identity card, and axe the GST and consider a flat two per cent tax rate if she ran the country.

That should do it.



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