What does it take to be Prime Minister or a good politician for that matter?

Since Menzies, Australia has had a number of Prime Ministers who have had intellectual capacity to master the complexity of the job: Whitlam, Fraser, Hawke, Keating, Rudd, Gillard,  Turnbull.

There have also been numerous leaders of major and minor political parties who have clearly not have that capacity. In particular, we have a semi-articulate bogan with the intellectual capacity of a chip fryer leading a minor political party who now appears to harbour pretensions to the top job.


Hanson speculated that one day she could be Prime Minister. “To be PM, what an honour that would be.”

Generally-reviled crossbench senator Cory Bernardi believes that the Australian electorate is disillusioned with the major parties. He is half right. The Australian electorate is also disillusioned with politicians. In particular, they are probably fairly disillusioned with Cory Bernardi right now

Cory’s problem is he hasn’t worked out why.

Hypocritical Cory Bernardi gamed the system. He must quit the Senate: If you – like me – are among the 75 per cent of people disgruntled with Australian politicians, we should be even more outraged at Cory Bernardi.( Alan Stokes: The Age 8/2/17).


But then, Pauline doesn’t seem to have worked out much at all.


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